67,5 minutes - a stress-relieved learing environment - Sounds strange, but that's how it is.

PM 18 Kopie

A standard school lesson in Germany lasts for 45 minutes. With a number of weekly lessons of 23 in the 1st grade up to 35 in the final year of Senior High School, students usually have to attend school in the afternoons in order to fit in all of their weekly subjects once they have transferred from Primary School. This results in a lot of stress for both students and teachers due to a constant change in study groups and classrooms and a general hectic associated with it.

In 2012, St. Michael’s School decided to modify the duration of a lesson from 45 minutes to 67.5 minutes. The main goal was to decrease the number of lessons per day, to reduce lessons in the afternoon and to provide for a better and stress-relieved learning environment as well as cooperative studying patterns. So far St. Michael’s School is the only school in Paderborn to follow this path.

The morning is divided into blocks of 4 lessons until 12:55 h. Between lessons there is a break of 10, respectively 20 minutes before a longer lunch break of 60 minutes from 12:55h- 13:55 h.

Unlike other grammar schools, students in the 5th and 6th grade at St. Michael’s School do not have any lessons in the afternoon, and the higher grades have less than average.

Wednesday afternoon is free for everybody; that way students get the chance to participate in a manifold offer for after school clubs.

The concept in general makes each lesson more intense and allows the students to work more independently. There is room for project- and practice-oriented work. It grants a more effective structure of the lessons and thus a more balanced selection of homework.

Timetable year 5:

Time  Monday   Tuesday  Wednesday Thursday Friday
7.45 - 8.52 Biology Mass Biology Geography Art
9.02 - 10.10 Maths German Maths Maths P.E.
10.10 - 10.30 Break
10.30 - 11.37 English P.E. R.I. English German
11.47 - 12.55 Art English German R.I. Politics
12.55 - 13.55 Lunch Break
13.55 - 15.02 ---
15.02 - 16.10 ---


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