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St. Michael's School - a private grammar school

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 St. Michael's School - in the heart of Paderborn

St Michael's Grammar School is a private catholic school of the Archdiocese of Paderborn. The school was founded in 1658 by the Augustine canonesses, whose initiators Pierre Fourier and Alix de Clerc founded the Congrégation Notre Dame. The school is a private catholic school, but admittance does not exclusively depend on your commitment to Catholic faith. The main reason is the academic aptitude.

The school’s principal is Mrs. Elisabeth Cremer; her deputy is Mrs. Nicole Michaelis. The head teacher and her deputy provide outstanding leadership. They have a strong vision for the education of girls and boys rooted in Catholic faith, which contributes immensely to the ethos of the school. Together they have created an environment which allows young people to fulfil their ambition and enable their talents to flourish in all aspects.

It is a compact school comprising 3 buildings, a schoolyard, an athletic field, 2 gymnasiums and special science labs. It has an adjacent independent secondary school. Together, about 1,500 students attend the two schools. Since the admittance of boys started only 4 years ago the majority of students are still girls.

The construction of a primary school with 2 parallel classes is at the ready. The finished school will complete the holistic concept of a catholic school with a artistic focus from grade 1 to 12.

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