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London - Shakespeare Globe Theatre

In addition to the student exchange program the students have the chance to go on smaller trips with the school or in small groups. These trips are made to strengthen the community in the school but also in the individual classes:



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Since 2010 the English department has offered a 4-day trip to London which takes place during the last days of the summer holidays. Students transferring to senior class are welcome to take part. They can discover London with its attractions and famous sights and improve their English. 


Field Excursion

In their last school year the senior classes go on a field excursion with one of their advanced classes for one week. Usually English advanced classes and French advanced classes visit a country in which the respective language is spoken as the national language. These field excursions are the final trips for students before finishing their school time. The students have the opportunity to spent time with their classmates one last time before they start preparing for their final exams and set out into the world. 


School Trips

Once in a while, usually in the course of anniversaries, the whole school makes a trip as a unit into big cities in Germany were they student can enlist for different activities in groups.


Class Trips

In grade five and nine the classes go on a week-long trip somewhere in Germany. In the fifth grade this trip is made at the beginning of the school year in order to get to know each other and thus setting up a good learning environment between the students. In grade nine the children enjoy their last trip together before the traditional classes are turned into courses in Senior High School. 


Spiritual Retreats

As St. Michael’s School is based on Christian faith students in grade eight and again in grade eleven go on a spiritual retreat for several days. Those days are used to strengthen the faith of the students and the solidarity between them. The students take part in a spiritual program during these days to help them focus on their belief and allowing them to take some time out of the hectic everyday life. The spiritual retreat in eleventh grade may also support the students for their final school year by clearing their minds and concentrating on the days to come.


Skiing Trips

Even if the students are new to skiing or snowboarding they may enjoy a week of fun in the snow. Experienced teachers of St Michael’s School and specialised instructors guide the students on the slopes and teach them how to ski. The children do not have to buy the necessary equipment as this can be rented for the time being. These skiing holidays are always in great demand!




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