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Talita Kumi Project in Guatemala

At St. Michael’s school we strive to project values and dignity to our students and teach them to take social responsibility.


Talita Kumi

Our students actively support the project „Talita Kumi“ in Guatemala. Talita Kumi is a girl’s school in the north of Guatemala and supports the education of girls and women. Since 2010 the St. Michael school has supported this project with the name: “girl for girl“ by raising money for the medical care of the girls and the improvement of the schools building.

After their final exams the students can go on a gap year to that school and do voluntary work in the social sector.



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DKMS - Fighting against leukaemia - charity run


Every 3 minutes in someone in the world is diagnosed with  blood cancer. A bone marrow or stem cell transplant is often the only chance for survival. But only 30% of patients can find a match in their families. The remaining 70 % have to hope for a benevolent stranger to step up and donate their stem cells or bone marrow. For this reasons the Dynamic Kernel Module Support (DKMS) was founded. It is a Non-Government Organisation trying to find a suitable donor for sick people. St. Michael’s school supports this NGO by regular donor drives for students aged 17 and older in order to find potential new donors. 


Charity Runs

In order to pay for all the expenses related to a registration as a new potential donor the DKMS highly appreciates monetary donations. Almost every year the teachers of St. Michael’s School participate in a charity run to raise money and awareness. During their last run the teachers raised 3,758 Euros.


Christmas in a Shoe Box 

Every year before Christmas the students help to support a charity organisation that gives Christmas presents to children in need. The students collect things they do not need anymore or which they want to donate, like coloured pencils and paper, stuffed animals, sanitary articles, etc. for poor children. These items are packed into cardboard boxes, like shoe boxes, lined with wrapping paper and sent aboard as a Christmas present.


Helping Refugees

A large number of refugees have been coming to Germany over the last few months, either alone or with their families. St. Michael’s school has set itself the goal to support those families by organizing tea parties and making them feel welcome. The students also collect and donate clothes, toys, etc. for the refugees.


Children's Hospice - Paderborn/Höxter

In December students of year 6 support the local children's hospice. They do rope skipping and people donate money for each minute the pupils are active. More than 120 children raise more than 5000 Euros. 

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